1. Midnight Sun 00:50           
2. Ten Little Warlords 02:09           
3. Famine Bomb Fever 00:49
4. Zero Sum 01:04

Any proceeds from this EP will go to fund TBD: The Movie:

TBD: The Movie is an anthology of short science-fiction movies linked together by a story involving Ronald Reagan and a talking stalk of celery. The format and story behind TBD: The Movie are a direct result of decisions reached through group consensus using social media and online survey tools. We are dedicated to the idea of remaining “crowd-sourced”.

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The Braincrimes of Harris Smith
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Sleep Study

Narrated by Ronald Reagan

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This is a product Fusion is selling, using one of my VHS drawings, entirely without my permission, compensation, or even crediting my work. I have contacted them several times, but they will not respond. They use a number of other artists and though I cannot be sure it is without their permission, I have a feeling I may not be the only freebee on the site.If this irritates you as much as it does me, please let them know and leave a comment (or multiple comments :) on any of the following.Fusion FacebookFusion InstagramFusion TumblrThis is 100% first class #%$. If you agree, please repost. As always, thank you for the support!! HBT


here’s a novelty joke song we made


been destroying my brain this past couple of weeks trying to finish game. once the game is done i have to build the 2nd thing, which is the «<secret»> thing

this guy’s art is killing me, so great



"   Are You a Victim?   "
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"Internet Feels"

"   Do you POOP enough?(serious info)   "
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Yoking up with a Yankee would be a most natural and fittingand it was not long before he was inviting her to walk along thatwithout any ceremony of leave-taking.Apparently she was not greatly affected by Deming’s departure.affection, but, instead, frankly interpreted and exhibited as theGerman women esteem the strong fighter, the rugged accomplisher thesat cutting colored papers into fantastic shapes with the apparent”Why, for the Kaiser, of course. Who else?



The TV People - Death Wish on Tantalus Mountain


A selection of 4 Pocket Portraits (numbers 5 through 8).

As always, these are unaltered photos taken from inside my pocket by my cell phone camera -

Unconscious auto-documentation.

"   This is what happened to my face   "
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"   Brain booster in a bottle   "
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